Jeremiah the bullfrog artwork

Jeremiah the bullfrog artwork

Art, is a subjective space where each viewer brings their unique perspective, emotions, and interpretations to a piece. In this blog post, I invite you to embrace your own associations and ideas about my recent artwork, "Jeremiah". While I will share my inspiration, I encourage you not to let go of your personal connection to the piece.

Drawing of Jeremiah the frog drinking red wine in a black frame

Every dot on the page tells a story, and for me, "Jeremiah" is a nostalgic journey back to my childhood. Growing up in a small town, my father was involved in local events, particularly as a sound technician. The day before these events, our backyard transformed into a makeshift testing ground for the event's sound system.

One song, in particular, became a familiar anthem during these sound checks – "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night. The lively and upbeat melody echoed through our neighbourhood, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and celebration. The lyrics, including the first line "Jeremiah was a bullfrog," became etched in my memories, forever intertwined with the joyous moments of my youth.

The bullfrog, named Jeremiah in homage to the classic song, sits comfortably with a glass of wine in hand, basking in a moment of contentment. The image encourages viewers to reminisce about their own cherished moments and find solace in the embrace of nostalgia.

Just as my inspiration for "Jeremiah" stems from personal experiences, I encourage you to let the artwork evoke your own memories and emotions. The beauty of art lies in its ability to transcend the artist's intentions and resonate uniquely with each observer. Whether you find humour, warmth, or a sense of reflection in "Jeremiah," remember that your interpretation is valid and enriches the overall narrative of the piece.

"Jeremiah" is more than a bullfrog with a glass of wine; it is a visual representation of the intangible threads that connect us to our past. As you engage with the artwork, let it serve as a catalyst for your own reflections and memories. Embrace the subjective nature of art, savour the personal meanings it holds for you, and join Jeremiah, Charlie and I for a glass of red wine.

Cobie sitting on a lounge drinking a glass of wine next to the Jeremiah drawings. Charlie the cat is sitting on Cobie's wheelchair in the foreground
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