Down the Rabbit Hole

Graphic Marker and Mepxy Markers on paper

29.7 x 42cm

Artist prints available on Etsy

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ is an artwork by Cobie Ann Moore which explores personal feelings of helplessness and transformation.

Artist statement:  “My artwork Down the Rabbit Hole explores the hopelessness associated with falling through empty space with nothing to grab or hold onto. In 2011 I fell from a balcony and crushed the c5/c6 vertebrae in my neck. I am now a quadriplegic which means I use a wheelchair and have limited movement in my arms and hands. When I fell, it felt as if the world around me had disappeared. This feeling continued even after I hit the ground, as I no longer had feeling below my neck. I felt like I would be falling forever.

I titled this artwork Down the Rabbit Hole in reference to Alice’s fall into Wonderland. Just as with Alice’s fall, my fall from a balcony has led me to experience the world from a whole new perspective.”