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Cobie Ann Moore is an Artist and Designer living and working in Sydney. Originally from a small-town, Cobie came to Sydney for university. She studied Design and Art Education at UNSW Art & Design graduating in 2015 with Honours.

As a visual artist Cobie works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, drawing, painting and video. Two prominent themes Cobie often explores are beauty and suffering. Much of her work seeks to explore the delicate balance between these two concepts. Her use of bright colours in the depiction of darker subject matter, uses the contrast between colour and content to challenge the audiences understanding of beauty.

Half way through her university degree Cobie had an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury. She is now a quadriplegic with limited movement in her arms and hands. Due to these physical changes, her approach to life and art is very different. Having a disability has enabled Cobie to explore new mediums and find new ways to show her artistic expression.

“After my accident, taking back control of my life meant rediscovering my identity as an artist. At first this was difficult. With little movement in my fingers I could not apply enough pressure to create a mark on the page with a pencil. I experimented with a range of different mediums until I discovered alcohol brush markers and graphic markers. These markers are easy to hold and don’t require any pressure to make a mark. After my accident, I had to let go of my obsession with perfection and realism which enabled me to discover new ways of creating artistic interpretations of the world around me.”Cobie Ann Moore

As an artist and a person with a disability, Cobie is passionate about promoting accessibility and inclusion in fields of art and design. Cobie presented her thesis “Aesthetics, Design and Disability” at the Universal Design Conference in 2016. This thesis centred around person centred design, proposing a new structure of designing assistive devices that focuses on the user’s identity rather than the user’s disability.


2022     Firstdraft Auction, Firstdraft, Wooloomooloo, NSW

2019     IMPACT, RAW Showcase, Sydney, NSW

2018     Ugly, Artspace, Wooloomooloo, NSW

2018     Onion Reality, The Front Up Hub, Seven Hills NSW

2016     SCIA Independence Expo Art Exhibition, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh NSW

2015     Imagine Me, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula NSW

2014     Loo as Art, Project run by Engineers Without Borders, Customs House, Circular Quay NSW

2013     MySCI, Abraham Mott Hall, Millers Point NSW

2012     strength of heART, Art Est Art School, Leichhardt NSW